JobFit Assessments

There is no greater tragedy in business than putting competent employees into jobs where they are destined to fail. When good people are put into jobs they do not fit, their potential is wasted. Job Match or JobFit is the single most important factor in job success. Yet, many employers overlook job match when recruiting, promoting or redeploying their human capital.

The ProfileXT and Profiles Sales Assessment are the most advanced JobFit tools available to match people with the work they do. Both measure the essential factors that will be the difference between success and failure in specific jobs. These assessments help organisations put the right person into every position, allowing them to utilise their talents without limitations. 

Profiles International assessments are not only fully Validated and Normed to the Australian population; they also possess the highest Predictive Reliability in the global marketplace.

By establishing JobFit, our clients enjoy:

Increased success rate of recruiting future high performers by up to 300%

Reduce employee early failure and turnover rates

Increased employee individual and team performance

Increased employee engagement levels

Improved customer service levels

Increased management "people management skills"

Increased management confidence to effectively deal with the day-to-day challenges posed by their direct reports

Peoplogica uses and recommends a number of JobFit assessments. These include:

  • ProfileXT- A multi-purpose, total person assessment which can be used in all stages of the recruitment, selection and management cycle. The power of this assessment tool lies in its ability to measure an individual's suitability or JobFit, for any given role within an organisation... (Read more)
  • Profiles Sales Assessment- Primarily used for selecting, onboarding and managing sales people, this assessment helps to maximise sales performance by measuring an individual's fit to sales roles.... (Read more)
  • Customer Service Profile- It can often be difficult to select appropriate employees with the appropriate behavioural traits for customer service roles. This assessment examines a person's fit to customer service roles within your organisation.... (Read more)

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