Improve Contact Centre Performance

In the last few decades, Contact Centre’s have emerged as an essential component of corporate sales and marketing strategies. Organisations are quickly learning that to remain competitive within the marketplace, outstanding service is crucial. Having an excellent Contact Centre is an essential strategic asset that will improve both the organisation’s image and customer relationships.

There is a way to identify and hire employees who fit your organisation’s "call centre culture." These individuals have both an understanding of sales principles, and the behavioral traits that indicate they are appropriate for your call centre.

Peoplogica recommends the Customer Service Profile (CSP), a management tool that compares employees and job applicants to established call center benchmarks for success in either inbound or outbound. Using this assessment will help you to select top performing employees who “fit” their job, are more effective and reliable within their role, and who will remain with your organisation longer.

What does outstanding Contact Centre performance do for your organisation?

  • Gives you a competitive advantage

  • Increase productivity and profitability

  • Decreases complaints

  • Reduces the need for constant supervision

Our clients say:

“We also use the assessments to ascertain who will work well with whom. It helps us in choosing better teams”
- Tony Northam, Managing Director, H & T Australia