Improve Customer Service

Satisfied customers are priceless assets to build a successful business from. Yet many companies place more emphasis on selling to new customers than servicing existing ones. Although the value of attracting new business cannot be discounted, it is equally important to grow your business by providing your existing customers with outstanding service. 

Extensive research has identified ten specific behavioural characteristics and proficiencies essential to extraordinary customer service. The Profiles Customer Service Perspective assesses your job candidates and employees and compares their results to the High Performance Role Benchmark created from the assessment results of your proven top performers.

What does exceptional customer service do for your organisation? 

  • Keeps your customers longer 

  • Increases customer purchases in size and frequency

  • More customer referrals and recommendations to new customers

  • Builds your business reputation, reduces complaints and issues

  • Saves resources – it costs five to ten times more to get a new customer than to keep a customer 

This investment in your people will pay big dividends and accelerate customer satisfaction. If extraordinary customer service is your goal, then Profiles Customer Service Perspective is the tool you want to be using.

Our clients say:

“Running a pharmacy means we are dealing with people in a very personal way. We chose Profiles to help us assess and select the right person for the right job throughout our stores. Making better hiring choices has created better alignment within the business and improved our customer service”
- Jim Harriot, Managing Director, Priceline, NSW.