Improve People Management Skills
Ask any MD, CEO, GM or Executive Manager how important their people are and they will all say that they are the most important asset they have. Why is it then that most organisations fail to give their managers and supervisors the tools they require to effectively manage their direct reports?

It is a proven fact that managers who have exceptional “people management” skills, deliver far greater team productivity than those managers who don’t. How then can organisations, of any type or size, increase the “people management” skills of their entire management team to deliver higher productivity?

The solution is the Profiles Managerial Fit, a manager assessment test which measures critical workplace compatibility factors between managers (executive, director, supervisor, team leader, etc.) and their employee(s) to determine managerial fit.

Understanding the dynamics of the supervisor-subordinate relationship helps the manager work more effectively with each employee by recognizing where their perspectives are similar and where they differ. With this increased understanding, managers can easily identify areas they need to develop, go through appropriate manager training, and strive towards becoming a competent manager.

Our clients say:

“Profiles International has allowed our recruitment process to become more streamlined and process orientated by qualifying the validity of the information gathered through the interview process….. Once we (our organisation) have identified the type and calibre of individuals which we were trying to attract, Profiles have allowed us to be consistent and effective the way we maintained the culture through recruitment.” 

- Christian Orb, Southern Regional Manager, Device Technologies, Australia.