Improve Sales Performance

In many cases the answer to improving sales performance is to objectively understand why your proven top performers are so good and then use this information to improve the performance of the sales team as a whole.

By identifying and quantifying the critical success attributes of your proven top performers, we are able to develop a High Performance Role Benchmark. These Benchmarks allow us to understand the barriers to success for all other salespeople and, in particular, measure the “fit” of recruitment candidates to this same Benchmark.

Peoplogica recommends and uses the Profiles Sales Assessment. The PSA is fully Validated, has the highest Predictive Reliability and is Normed on the Australian population.

The results are impressive:

  • The average ROI was $26.30 returned for every dollar invested

  • Average reduction rate in early failure was 46%

  • Average reduction in Sales Department employee turnover was 71%

  • In all cases where assessments were used within the sales team, sales increased as a result

Our clients say:

“Profiles help us by identifying applicants that have the necessary traits for the unique Real Estate positions that we advertise for. We need accountants, property managers, front of house staff, people with people skills, and we need to know which of the sales applicants has the skills to close the sale.”
– John Surian, Managing Director, Raine & Horne Parramatta.  

“We have been working with the team at Peoplogica for 5 months now and they have been a huge asset in helping us with our change program to become a more customer centric, sales focused organisation. 

The key success factors so far have been the engagement of my key sales leaders to benchmark each of the sales roles in terms of competencies and attributes, this set the framework for who we want to be in the future as well as how our customer wanted to be engaged, we identified key attributes that were essential for all sales roles, from a National Business Manager of Major Accounts to Area Managers of a geographical territory.

The next area of engagement was for all of us to participate in our own Profile XT assessment and then to gain a deeper understanding of not only our own competencies and attributes but those of our peers. By engaging them in the total process and seeing the outcomes we have created has given all of us huge confidence in how we now attract, select and retain great talent.

In 5 months we have restructured the sales organisation, clearly defined every role, attracted and selected great talent that fit the attributes and competencies required to be successful and now we are in the process of rolling out throughout the organisation. I am looking forward to releasing the potential of our talent in the organisation.” 
 - Director of Sales, Australia – McWilliam’s Wines (June, 2012)