Solution required:

  • Improve employee retention
    - Reduce early failure rate and employee turnover

  • Improve employee productivity
    -Ensure employees have “fit” to their roles and are fully engaged
  • Improve the selection of high calibre candidates
    - Have the ability to measure candidates against the success attributes of proven top performers

All three of the above challenges can be addressed through the integration of the ProfileXT (PXT) assessment into your existing recruitment practices. No matter how technical or unique the role, our objective assessment process will increase the success rate of selecting a future top performer by up to 300%. 

A review of 25 studies where the ProfileXT assessments had been implemented within organisational practices, found that:

The average ROI was $33.33 returned for every dollar invested

The average reduction in early failure rate was 46%

The average reduction in employee turnover was 60%

The ability to establish JobFit is a unique and powerful feature of the PXT assessment, enabling organisations to evaluate an individual relative to the traits required to be a successful, top performer. By measuring the critical attributes for success, the PXT helps organisations put the right people into the right jobs. 

The PXT reveals consistent, detailed and objective information regarding an individual’s thinking and reasoning style, relevant behavioural traits and occupational interests.

The PXT can be used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing and strategic workforce planning. It helps management interview and select candidates who have the highest probability of being top performers, providing practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance. The PXT also gives organisations a consistent measure to support strategic workforce and succession planning, talent management and reorganisation practices. 

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