Role Benchmarking

Unless the critical success attributes of a role are fully understood, traditional selection practices will continue to deliver less than 25% top performers.

Two methods are used for creating objective Role Benchmarks. The most accurate technique involves assessing proven high performers within the organisation, then using their results to create a High Performance Role Benchmark. In effect, we extract the success DNA of top performers, identifying and quantifying the success attributes they share in common.  

Where this is not possible i.e. no proven top performers or multiple employees within the role, the appropriate manager/s complete the Profiles International Job Analysis Survey to create the Role Benchmark. 

High Performance Role Benchmarks 

  • Select existing proven top performers for each role 

  • Identify the critical success attributes for future top performer within the role 
  • Compare potential recruits to the critical success attributes of your top performers 
  • Select candidates based on fit with these critical success attributes

Role Benchmarks using a Job Analysis Survey

  • With the Job Analysis Survey, one or more managers have the ability to weigh in opinions and views regarding a specific position by completing the online Job Analysis Survey.  
  • Once the 57-question survey is complete, the manager responses are entered into the online Virtual Assessment Centre for processing. 
  • The result is a unique JobFit profile.

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